Stop writing your book

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You’re eager to write your brand positioning book, I get it.

You are overflowing with ideas, maybe even “channeling” content, so you have put fingers to keys and started to write.

Your thoughts then skip to…. “But what do I do when it’s written?” And so, you contact me, or a company like mine, that offers publishing services.

I read the email:

I’m just in the middle of writing my book and I would like to know what services you offer?

And all I can think is… “for the love of god don’t write anymore…”

Stop writing your book. Stop right there and speak to me because I want this to work for you in all the ways that your heart desires.

There is a world of difference between writing a book, and writing a great book, there is also a whole other level of difference when you want to write a great book that’s right for your brand.

The likelihood is that your book is going to be one of the very first impressions of your brand. You are either going to feel a little bit of luxury, or all fur coat and no knickers. I appreciate how blunt that is.

When it comes to writing your book, some things can’t just be “edited” at a later stage, if the overall structure and flow of the book is wrong, you will be completely rewriting it… why waste the time?

Writing the book is the easy bit, because the real work goes into the planning and preparation. Admittedly it gets harder again when the self-editing starts but writing your first draft should feel pretty simple with the right guidance. At least you know that guidance is ensuring that your book is going to be received well by your reader.

That’s the thing you see, it’s the acceptance that although you are the writer, this isn’t about you.

When it comes to the content, you will lose your reader if you have made yourself the hero of their experience.

And if that doesn’t even make sense… that’s why you should stop writing the book. Just for now.

I was born in the 80s so let me explain this using Karate Kid as an example:

Daniel is the main character in this movie. (Your Reader is Daniel)
Daniel isn’t looking for another Daniel.
Daniel is looking for a supporting actor to guide him. (You! This is you as the writer)
Daniel is looking for Mr Miyagi.

Your reader is the main person in their movie.
Your reader is not going to invest in another main person, it feels somewhat competitive and threatening.
Your reader is going to invest in a supporting actor to help them develop and grow.
Your reader will choose the person whose words encourage and guide them without intimidation.

So –

Your words must position you as Mr Miyagi. (The guide, not the hero!)

To make it even simpler – You can’t just keep talking about yourself, but there are ways to share your stories and experiences effectively.

How you write your book has more to do with how you sell your services afterwards than I could ever articulate in one blog post…

But know this, even slight tweaks to your structure and content could 10X your business beyond the launch of your book.