Your bestselling book proposal, the lowdown

Your Bestselling

Book Proposal

- the lowdown

get your story published

Your Bestselling

Book Proposal

- the lowdown

This workshop is going to:

  • Give you clarity on your book idea
  • Help you sell your book concept to others
  • Show you HOW your book marketing will replace everything else
  • Explore other marketing gold that you may NOT have considered before

I mean, it’s just pure gold.

Four years ago, I ditched the overwhelm of doing “all the things” to market my business and exchanged these efforts for just one thing…

I wrote and published my brand positioning business book.

A 200 page long insight into why and how to become an author to support you as an entrepreneur.

This exploded the growth of my company from being just me to an employed team of professionals who have worked for the biggest publishing houses in the world.

My book did THAT to my brand.

Since then, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same.

The number one question I get asked is, “Where do I start?” and the answer is ALWAYS with a book proposal.

I know, I know...

the chances are you are going to explore self/supported publishing over the virtually impossible traditional route, so why even bother with this proposal?

Without it, you have no idea whether your book idea has any commercial potential.


This training
is going to help you:

• Sell the idea to yourself

• Sell the concept to others

• Prepare you for exactly HOW your book marketing will replace everything else

• And just marketing gold in general that you may NOT have considered

You can get started on your book today here:

I'm Abigail Horne

and over the last four years, I have become known as THE GO-TO person for publishing in the entrepreneurial space.

I run a book writing and publishing company here in the UK, working with clients worldwide.

If you had told me four years ago that this would be my reality, I would have laughed at you!

No one knew who I was…
but that is the
power of a book.


There are only two

fundamental things

that need to happen

to make your business a success:

People need to be able to find you.
People need to decide to choose you.


When people are searching for the thing they need, google becomes their best friend, which in turn sends them to get help from two significant sources:

Amazon and Youtube.

Amazon for the book that helps.
Youtube for the video that helps.

So I decided to make sure I could be found… the fact I wrote a great book took care of whether I would be chosen.

The keywords here
are “great book.”

First impressions and all that.

But if you have written a great book, with the support of professionals, I promise you; no one will even know you didn’t get that book deal.

A great book starts with a great book proposal.

Not for anyone else, for YOU.

For you to get so clear on your idea that you can sell the book in your sleep, quite literally.

This free workshop will help you do JUST that.

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than getting to know my subscribers

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