Life through the eyes of a toddler

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The number one thing people talk to me about isn’t books or business – it’s my daughter Polly.

I think I know why…

She is everything that as females we can lose about ourselves along the way.

She’s that little girl who believes in herself implicitly, because the world hasn’t influenced her to think otherwise yet.

Here are some life lessons according to a girl living life to its fullest, without a single f*ck to give.

1. No is a full sentence.

She has no desire to explain herself any further, if she’s not feeling the request, it’s just No.

2. Affection isn’t a given.

She will tell you if it’s ok for a kiss and a cuddle because she belongs to no one, she’s her own person, and makes up her own mind.

3. Desserts are always better before the main.

Sometimes there is just no room left for a dessert… so Polly quickly clicked in she was missing out on the best bit. She now eats her dessert first… because she doesn’t believe in saving the best until last.

4. Dance like no one is watching.

She couldn’t care less if you are looking or not, because it makes her happy. Your opinions don’t matter to her because she’s the one having fun and not judging.

5. You can be a princess and be Rambo, at the same time.

Whatever rules society made up, bare no relevance to what Polly believes. And what she believes, is her only truth.

6. There is never a problem, only a solution.

If she can’t do something, she watches someone else – then gives it a go. Someone else doing something is absolute proof to her that what she wants she will get.

7. You don’t need to know the words to sing the song.

Just keep making noise and see where it gets you. Perfection is the killer of dreams.

8. Being bossy isn’t a bad thing.

She doesn’t feel the need to stay quiet, why should she when she’s confident she can lead.

9. Fuller figures are BEAUTIFUL.

Sometimes she strokes her tummy and says out loud “I love my tummy” – of course she does, why wouldn’t she? Polly loves every inch of herself!

10. Every moment is precious.

Even just driving in the car all you can hear is “WOW” coming from the back of the car…. every few seconds.

Everything amazes her…. Because one day will be the last time you see a cow, feel rain, run on grass, or eat a slice of pizza – so she savors ALL of it.

I think we could all #BeMorePolly