Luxury scented candles add that extra something to an otherwise ordinary room. Stand back a moment and think of the ambiance a beautiful scented candle can give to your room. It fills the entire living space with a wonderful fragrance, and not only that, it also gives off a lovely warm glow that makes a room so appealing. Sure, you can make do with ordinary scented candles, but a Moments candle adds that extra, indefinable ‘something’.

Moments based in Cheshire offers a boutique company feel, which means their product range is hand-made and their luxury candles are lovingly hand poured in small batches by artisans and experts in their trade. Quality control is top rate and all of the effort and care that goes into these candles is evident in the final product.

There is an almost limitless range to choose from, including scents that uplift and energise, that relax and unwind and that warm your senses on a crisp autumn evening. Whatever fragrance you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference and what best suits your home. Once you have selected one, you will no doubt return for more as the scented candle fragrances are so wonderful and the designer look of the candle fits beautifully into the decor of your home.

A Moments scented candle can be situated in any room, providing a warm aroma to relax with at the end of a busy day. Just imagine winding down, putting your feet up and lighting your wonderful scented candle.

You might also find that a lovely hand poured jar candle in your bathroom offers a relaxing aroma while you bathe, enabling you to enjoy your bath much more: why not try invigorating Sicilian Lemon in the morning, or rich & warming dark honey & tobacco in the evening?

Whatever you opt for, you can rest easy knowing that because you chose a luxury candle you are getting great burn times with fabulous fragrances which last and last. When you order online, your Moments candle will come beautifully packaged making it a wonderful purchase for your home, or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

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